CC Alpha Strategies

Upside Potential, Downside Protection, Liquidity

Navigo manages the CC Alpha strategies institutionally as separately account managed portfolios.


The CC Alpha investment models were developed by Mark Cawyer and the Navigo Wealth team to provide complementary investment management to clients. Research that began in 2012 culminated in a unique alternative investment strategy that launched in May 2014. The objectives were to execute a market responsive strategy that can provide upside potential in bullish markets along with downside protection during more difficult markets with the added benefit of liquidity. Results since inception have borne this out. With a negative correlation to broad markets, the CC Alpha flagship strategy has generated market beating returns since May 2014 while providing downside protection during more turbulent market periods.


The market is assessed and viewed from a multiple trend and reversion perspective, which allows us to move the portfolio up and down a risk continuum. Broad, liquid Index ETF’s are utilized to create a diversified portfolio with shifting allocations according to the market environment. Volatility ETF’s are also used at times to take advantage of the contango and backwardation dynamics of the VIX Term Structure curve.


CC Alpha – Inception May 2014; utilizes a concentration of equity and fixed income ETF’s along with occasional volatility ETF’s that represent the optimal and most complementary combination of positions.

CC Alpha Deferred – Inception October 2019; Similar to the flagship strategy but designed for tax deferred accounts.

CC Alpha Diversified – Inception June 2020; utilizes additional equity and fixed income index ETF’s to enhance diversification.


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