What We Offer

Retirement Planning

We offer retirement plans that include retirement income and cash flow assessment. The plans incorporate Monte Carlo simulation that considers hundreds of different types of market performance scenarios based on history. The plans then generate a Likelihood of Success percentage that indicates how likely you are to not outlive your money according to the input parameters.

A retirement plan provides you with a good understanding at key moments in your life of how well you are tracking for retirement. It can be used to gauge how much more you should be saving or could be spending before and during retirement; for an idea of what age at which you could seriously consider retiring; for an idea of what your lifestyle could realistically be once you do retire. A retirement plan, while not foolproof, provides you with glasses and a roadmap of where you are going and how long the journey will take.

Portfolio Management

Navigo’s unique investment management approach seeks to minimize volatility as much as possible and provides our clients with steady investment performance and consistent portfolio growth over time. Rather than focus on beating an arbitrary market index from period to period, our objective is to have positive returns during every 12-month period. With a combination of active and passive investing styles and utilization of our proprietary Market Assessment tool, we have come close to achieving that.

We bring together many complementary portfolio investments and strategies and have signals that allow us to move along a risk continuum according to our Market Assessment tool. We make relatively few transactions during the year, but they are impactful. Our methodology allows us to fully participate in strong bull markets while still being able to protect portfolios when markets enter more bearish periods. By minimizing portfolio losses over time, our portfolios are positioned to handily beat equity and balanced markets over the long haul.

Tax Minimization

Many of our clients have tax liability concerns for various reasons. Situations are often unique and client specific, but here are some examples of how we have helped minimize tax liability:

  • Client is a small business owner or physician managing a medical practice
    We can help set up and manage a Defined Benefit Plan that could allow the owner or physician to defer over $100,000 a year in some instances in pre-tax contributions to the Plan, dramatically reducing tax liability and quickly building a sizable retirement nest egg. We also help set up and manage 401K Profit Sharing plans including Safe Harbor plans.
  • Client is in a high tax bracket and wants tax efficient portfolio management
    We can utilize investment models that have a higher concentration of tax free municipal bonds and other investments that are held longer than one year. We can also tax loss harvest when it is appropriate.
  • Client has a concentrated stock position they have held for a long time
    We can utilize various options strategies to generate income while we periodically sell the position over a longer time period to spread out the tax liability or time periodic sales to offset other positions that may have losses.
  • Client recently sold a business and wants to defer taxes
    We can help clients set up and manage a Donor Advised Fund. This allows them to put away a large amount from the sale for future philanthropic giving. By doing so, they deduct the full amount of the contribution in the year of the sale but make grant distributions from that fund in following years to charitable organizations of their choice.

Wealth Protection and Transfer

Protecting wealth while you can enjoy it is important and is inherent in our investment management discipline. We are able to combine our active and passive style of investment management with our Market Assessment Tool to generate more consistent returns year in, year out regardless of the market environment. Our active portion moves along a risk continuum that positions portfolios more bullishly or bearishly according to the methodology.

We also want to ensure you pass along your wealth to your heirs as effectively and efficiently as possible. We have relationships with various estate attorneys and insurance providers and can start the process and connect you with the appropriate professionals to ensure you have a solid estate plan that complements your retirement and investment management process.

Investment Performance and Asset Aggregation

Through our strategic relationship with Blueleaf Wealth, we provide our clients with the capability to assess investment performance for all of their managed accounts over any period of time, and it directly compares performance to that of selected index benchmarks.

It also serves as an asset aggregation tool as clients can link in all of their other investment, savings, and banking accounts as well as other major assets. They can also link in liabilities such as mortgages and credit cards. As a result, it provides a perpetually updated personal balance sheet or net worth statement. Along with having access to their updated personal net worth statement and viewing detailed performance data, clients can also attach important documents such as wills and insurance information. It is a one stop location for all financial and estate data that can prove invaluable for surviving heirs.

Full Lifecycle Physician Planning

Navigo’s clients in the medical field have direct access to one of our advisors, Chase Cawyer M.D., M.B.A, who is a practicing physician himself. Understanding the unique financial timeline and circumstances of physicians, he can provide comprehensive aid and advice with financial matters beyond their portfolios with Navigo. His services include helping with loan repayment options, cash flow planning, and investment opportunities in other qualified investment plans including 401(k) and defined benefit plans. Chase is passionate about helping physicians and other healthcare providers reach their financial goals in a changing and challenging medical landscape and works with a range of physicians from the beginning of residency to the retirement stage.

Client First

As fiduciaries, our commitment is first and foremost to our clients and their financial future. Our fee-only structure creates a common goal between you and your advisor.

Proven Strategies

We employ an investment methodology and strategies that are proven to consistently grow your portfolios in both bull and bear markets.

Unlimited Options

As an independent firm, we have access to unlimited investment options and provide you with unbiased advice.