Investment Model Concept

We have found that in order to succeed as a portfolio manager over the long term in all economic and market environments, it is imperative to have a strict discipline and a sound methodology and the ability to stay the course. Warren Buffet once said,

“  To invest successfully what is needed is a sound intellectual framework for making decisions and the ability to keep emotions from corroding that.  ”

We have learned the importance of this concept over the last 20 years of portfolio management, sometimes the hard way. While our portfolio management style consists of appropriate asset allocation, diversification, and rebalancing, we consider that to simply be the starting point of a successful investment management approach. By using our methodology, we avoid the pitfalls of pure “buy and hold” or straight “indexing” investment styles, which put investors at the mercy of the markets. We also avoid the over used style of the “shot gun approach”, which is where advisors shoot a virtual spray of pellets at the investment board containing all major types of investment positions. Once positions are bought, there is no methodology or discipline to proactively manage that portfolio on an ongoing basis. Investors are simply in a bunch of investments and hope that the markets cooperate. Hope is not a successful investment approach.

Our investment discipline relies on a range of set investment models appropriate for most clients. Most of them are volatility suppressing portfolios of complementary investment positions and strategies. A portion of the models stay in passive positions, while a portion utilize an active approach that is influenced by intermediate and long term market trends as well as market reversion methodologies. Accordingly, the active portion of the portfolio transitions across a risk continuum. Portfolio adjustments, including rebalancing, generally occur 2-5 times per year and enable the portfolios to participate in bull markets and transition to protection mode as needed. This assessment approach for our active portion of portfolios is not a market timing technique. We are simply letting the markets tell us what they are doing and adjusting accordingly.

When necessary, we will also construct appropriate portfolios for clients with unique situations or requests. Some clients may be most comfortable with the buy and hold approach. With that in mind, we will construct a portfolio that offers a strategic, diversified mix of investments that we are comfortable buying and holding long term with minimal changes.



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As fiduciaries, our commitment is first and foremost to our clients and their financial future. Our fee-only structure creates a common goal between you and your advisor.

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We employ an investment methodology and strategies that are proven to consistently grow your portfolios in both bull and bear markets.

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As an independent firm, we have access to unlimited investment options and provide you with unbiased advice.