While our expertise is portfolio management and retirement planning, we do have a comprehensive view of our clients and rely on many business partners to ensure our clients’ needs are fully met. This includes relationships with estate attorneys, insurance providers, CPAs, software providers and third party administrators for business retirement plans.

We have an extensive relationship with Fidelity Investments which serves as our custodian and back office partner. As a result, we do not have direct access to our clients’ money; only to manage it. Our clients have Fidelity registered accounts and receive Fidelity statements. They also have direct access to their accounts at any time via Fidelity’s website.

We have another important relationship with Blueleaf Wealth, a software company that provides our clients with detailed performance reporting information and asset/liability aggregation capability that is updated daily. Our clients are able to fully assess their portfolio performance for Navigo managed accounts as well as other linked accounts and assets held elsewhere.  They can also link liability accounts such as mortgages and other outstanding loan accounts if desired and view their updated personal balance sheet.

Client First

As fiduciaries, our commitment is first and foremost to our clients and their financial future. Our fee-only structure creates a common goal between you and your advisor.

Proven Strategies

We employ an investment methodology and strategies that are proven to consistently grow your portfolios in both bull and bear markets.

Unlimited Options

As an independent firm, we have access to unlimited investment options and provide you with unbiased advice.